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Arizona's #1 provider of credit repair and debt relief services!

With National Consumer Group it is our sole mission to ensure that every client of our many debt relief services receives the absolute best outcome humanly possible. With our standard "all of the above" debt relief package we bring all of our tools to bear on your behalf.  The most commonly used options are to negotiate a settlement of the debt for less than you owe, or in more dire circumstances we guide you step by step through the chapter 7 bankruptcy process.  If you are having trouble affording your current minimum payments but haven't fallen behind yet a debt management program or DMP with a lower fixed interest rate and fixed monthly payments may be the right choice for you.  For those who good to excellent credit we can help you to consolidate your high interest balances onto a new more affordable, low interest line of credit. 

Additionally you have full access to both of our credit repair options.  The standard credit repair program consists of identifying and removing inaccuracies as well as insuring that all positive accounts are reported to all 3 bureaus.  For those looking buy a house, refinance or make any other type of major purchase we offer our exclusive rapid FICO score enhancement program.  Under this program qualified clients are guaranteed a 50 point increase to their FICO score within 90 days or we give them a full refund plus $50! The animation below shows the actual areas of the valley some of our clients are now calling home after enrolling in this program.

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		  the neighborhoods that National Consumer Group

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National Consumer Group is not only different from every other debt relief company but also vastly superior. No company in this industry has ever brought the full range of debt relief tools to bear on their clients behalf. Prior to now most companies have specialized in a particular type of debt relief, with maybe a second option available as an afterthought.  The fundamental flaw with of this is that the client is expected to decide what type of a debt relief program is best suited to them on their own, before selecting a provider!

 With the sheer volume of bad, misleading, and flat out false information on the web, this would be akin to asking a blind man which color dress and blouse you should wear for your night out?  I frequently read the blog over at due to the general quality of content as well as the differing view points expressed by the contributors.  There is one glaring exception, whom much to my surprise happens to also be a debt settlement attorney. (I am also surprised every time water is wet)

This guy put out a series of articles trying argue that settling out your debts with an attorney is a better option than paying for a chapter 7 bankruptcy and having a court discharge all of those same debts as a matter of law. One of the articles can be found at this link if you feel like losing some of your faith in humanity today.

With National Consumer Group on your side every available option will be brought to bear on  your behalf to improve your credit, save you money, and get you out of debt in the least amount of time possible.  Follow the link to see the details of all our debt relief options.

Need a Credit Card? Got Bad Credit? To find a Card you can be approved for today follow the link below

Several new free & low cost programs!

Your friends at National Consumer Group are preparing to launch 2 very exciting new programs for Arizona residents in the near future.  Both will be very little to no out of pocket expense.  Both will also wind up with the client potentially getting paid from $500-$1200!

The first aims to give clients a means to fight back against debt collectors and possibly get paid $500 in the process!

The second involves going after large corporations who illegally alter the terms of a contract they have with you.  Most clients can expect to receive between $800-$1200 dollars upon completion!

Learn more about these programs and several others which are coming a little further down the road on the "our commitment" page by following the link below.

Not just different but BETTER!

Our standard "all of the above" debt relief package includes 30 hours of consulting services which may be applied to any program (an unparalleled value).  As of 6/2013 your consulting hours are now fully transferable upon your completion of the program!

Another way NCG is bringing value not only to their clients but the friends and loved ones of those clients as well...